The Bachelor Pad Specialty Package

Did you know that Fresh Living has partnered with some of the best local businesses to provide you with more than just an excellent eco-friendly house cleaning? The Bachelor Pad is one such speciality package, and guys, this one is for you! On top of a basic cleaning,  we also include dish washing, laundering your bedding and towels, and a 750ml bottle of Lucky Bastard Premium Vodka that we will leave on your kitchen counter so you will really look forward to coming home and relaxing. Just try not to take ALL the credit! Interested? Request a quote today!


Launched in May 2012, Lucky Bastard Distillery is Saskatchewan’s premium micro distillery. Their passion is producing top notch liqueurs and spirits with local ingredients that have no additive sugars, syrups or preservatives. The premium bottle of vodka that we leave for you is distilled in a copper still (affectionately named Ginger) and passes through 20 million square meters of activated charcoal to produce the smoothest vodka possible. To try the full line of their products or to learn more go straight to the source, Lucky Bastard Distillery in Saskatoon offers free tours and sampling for groups of all sizes. Afterwards, you are can sample every product with a greater appreciation.  With an open door policy, they have nothing to hide and are clearly proud in their products (as they should be).

Where: 814 47th Street East, Saskatoon (their brand new location)

When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11:00am – 5:00pm; Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 11:00am – 6:00pm




    Awesome gift!!!!!