The “Occupied Enhanced” Stage

Occupied Enhanced Staging

Once your home is listed, think of it as being entered into a competition….because basically it is. The moment that house hits the market, the game is on! You are up against hundreds of homes all trying to win, and the goal is for someone to fall in love with yours. So what can you do to set your home apart? We know that buyers are looking for that emotional connection when shopping for their new home, and this connection is achieved through staging. Have you heard about Occupied Enhanced Staging? Here is the low down…..

Occupied Enhanced Staging involves giving the main living areas in your home a quick makeover. We work with the larger pieces of furniture you own (sofa, love seat, dining table, beds) and then creating that “wow” factor through decor and accents. A few toss cushions on the sofa, a couple pieces of eye catching artwork, crisp linen in the bathrooms, and maybe even a vibrant area rug. Voila! Now you have a home that will stand out and get you to that finish line ahead of the rest! A professionally staged home photographs better than a non-staged home and will draw more potential buyers to your listing online.

This is a quick and extremely affordable way to help get that sold sign up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a SOLD home for Christmas this year??










So what does this service cost you ask? Here’s the breakdown:

$300 + taxes (this covers our fees plus the cost of the first month of decor rentals)

Total initial investment = $322.50 (taxes included)

Each additional month of rentals = $165 (taxes included)


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