The Workaholic Specialty Package

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. If you are lucky enough in any given day you might actually find some free time for yourself and as workaholics ourselves we don’t let fellow workaholics spend the little free time they have cleaning house. This package is exactly what you’ve been dreaming about. Not only will we give your home ‘the basic’ clean, we offer dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off, plus a bag of gourmet beans direct from Collective Coffee, yet another local partner we’ve teamed up with to kick start those busy days that lay ahead! But first… request a quote!


Collective Coffee is one of Saskatchewan’s finest coffee bars specializing in espresso and carefully prepared coffee beverages using only fresh roasted beans sourced from some of North America’s finest roasters. Their aim is to unite great coffee with great people and are perfectly located front and centre at The Two Twenty building. This is a shared space for entrepreneurs and artists alike who believed in the Riversdale neighbourhood and its revival first with Collective Coffee as a centralized social space to be enjoyed by all. Stop on by and have one of their expert staff craft a drink from one coffee lover to another!

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Where: 220 20 Street West, Saskatoon

When: Monday – Saturday: 8AM -6PM; Sundays & Holidays: 10AM-6PM



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