New clients are required to submit the following information prior to their first cleaning from Fresh Living. This information is collected for office use only, and will assist us in providing you the best service possible. The information provided on this document will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be shared with employees on a “need to know basis only” such as your address, etc.


Birthday(s), just the date, not the year:


Frequency of cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, other):

Do you have an alarm system in place that we will need to use?
Will you be providing a key or a door code?
If you are providing a door code what is it?
Pets (Please provide names and breeds for each pet in your home):
Do you have allergies or are you sensitive to smells?
Provide details if you feel it is necessary:
Where is your vacuum cleaner located?


How did you hear about us?
Referred by:
Please feel free to add any additional comments here that you think might assist us in cleaning your home: