What is Interior Redesign?

Interior Redesign is a budget-conscious approach that breathes new life into any space and produces stunning results. Most rooms already have the ingredients needed for a good design; they just need the trained eye of a professional to unlock their potential! With your approval, we may decide to paint or purchase some new items to finish off the look.

Why should I hire an Interior Redesigner?

You know your room can look better, but you just aren’t sure what to do, and you don’t want to pay an interior designer to change everything. You just moved to a new home, and don’t have the time, energy, and/or talent to arrange everything so that it looks great. Your life is in transition: you are downsizing, upsizing, combining households, or moving to assisted living, and you need help deciding what to move and where to put it.

Do I have to buy all new stuff?

You mean do you get to buy all new stuff?! We will use our creativity and innovative ideas to make the most of what you already own to help you achieve a new look on a budget, but adding a few new pieces is part of the fun. Consider it an investment in your home. You can also use our personal shopping service to take advantage of our designer discounts.

How do you work with someone’s style and/or things you don’t personally like?

With an objective eye, we can look at a home and see its potential. And, as every home is unique and in some way reflecting the people that live there, we are honored to make that home the best it can be while maintaining its original essence. By applying the basic principles of balance, scale, color and function, and using a little creativity, any room can be improved upon.

What if I have nothing to work with?

We have never experienced a room with no bed, no couch, no table or no rug. All of these can be a foundation from which to work, and begin to build a space that will be uniquely yours.

Can you help me choose paint colours?

Absolutely! If there is one thing we’re good at, its helping you select paint colours that suit your style, personality and create the perfect mood in a room.