Professional Shopping

All settled in and ready to get started, Geoffrey has been entrusted with his very own company credit card and hit the stores for some serious shopping… who better than someone that can go afterhours? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure it would be a dream come true for many to have the chance to privately shop at Home Sense just for the first chance at all the new stock!


Hate to shop or don’t have time? Do you go into the stores, find yourself overwhelmed and then leave without buying a thing? We understand that shopping can be very difficult and overwhelming. Break your shopping fear by working with a professional to make smart choices whether you’re purchasing big ticket items or accessory shopping at Home Sense – We can help! We will find the perfect lighting, furniture or accessories to complete any room in your home. This can be done with or without you; using your predetermined budget.  Are you one of those busy people? no worries, Geoffrey and the Fresh Team have you covered!

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