4 Keys to Successfully Selling Your Home

Choosing to list your home is a life changing decision and Team Fresh can help from start to finish or anywhere along the way. Today’s buyers are demanding and the market is more competitive than ever so anything you can do to give yourself an edge is only going to help. Baking cookies just doesn’t cut it anymore! 


When you have lived in a home for a long (or even a short) time, it can be hard to think of everything a buyer will see and look for when they first walk into your home. It’s still your home so understandably you are a little biased about it and overlooking things. Get off on the right foot as we walk through each and every room to address any areas of concern with a fresh, outsider’s perspective. During the walk through we will roll up our sleeves and rearrange your existing furniture and décor should we see fit and later compile all our notes and recommendations into an easy to follow list for your referenceThe goal is to create a welcoming space that home buyers can envision themselves living in so you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar.


A clean home is another good start to showcase your property when it comes to listing as it expresses a well-cared for home. A dirty, unkempt home will make prospective buyers think twice with a bad first impression that could lead to them walking away or low ball offers under your listing price. The most common problem with a move-out clean is people generally underestimate how much work is involved as hidden areas become glaringly obvious as things are packed and moved. Instead, have our team of professionals come in and clean your space from to top to bottom which will not only give you the time you need to pack and organize, but will help get you a better return for a more move-in ready home. During your move-out clean, we focus on all the important areas that often get overlooked during every day cleaning. If you are still living in the home, let us do a top to bottom deep cleaning so it is fresh and ready for showings, and don’t forget that cleaning doesn’t end here! We can also schedule regular cleanings to maintain a clean home for all your showings. 


Home staging is a marketing tool used by builders, homeowners, and realtors to showcase a property for a successful sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home show to its full potential and appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property quickly and for more money. Without staging many buyers have difficulty picturing themselves and their belongings in a home as they simply cannot see past what they are presented with. Also, without furniture the focus goes immediately to negative details such as odd-shaped rooms, lack of architectural detail, wear and tear, or inadequate size as adding appropriately sized furniture can make a space look larger. Everybody’s situation is different so whether you still occupy the property or have moved out and it is completely vacant we can do something for you! We provide everything from light staging (bringing in décor and smaller items) to full staging in all the important rooms of the home to make it warm, inviting, and showcase the space. We are proud of our work so your listing will receive some additional marketing on us as we will promote your listing via our social media.


If your home is ready to hit the market and you have put in the time and effort of making your home look its absolute best, you need to show potential buyers just how beautiful your home is with professional photography. Although this a service we do not provide ourselves we cannot stress the importance of good photos! The first look that any potential buyer will likely have when considering your home is from the listing photos online. Good photos will attract more physical showings and more showings means a higher chance of a sale and often, a higher selling price. Proper lighting is crucial when photographing a home, just think of a bright and sunny kitchen. A professional will have several external flashes of varying strength and will know exactly where to place these flashes so that every part of every room is shown in the absolute best light. A good quality wide angle lens is also vitally important to capture the full beauty of your home and avoid only parts of rooms being shown. Many professional photographers will also add other features such as panoramic photographs and videos which also help to present your home as well as possible.

The bottom line is do it right the first time to save yourself extra time and money later. Contact us and request a quote today to get started!


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